Monday, August 23, 2021

It's Official: YOU FAILED Recallers!

It's OFFICIAL. The petitioners to recall BUSD Board Members Zada & Maselli have FAILED MISERABLY at their attempt to unseat two well-respected and dedicated trustees. They were required to collect over 4K signatures for each targeted trustee, and yet, they were only able to collect an embarrassing 177 signatures for Sheri, and 179 signatures for Mark. An EPIC FAILURE that proves how little merit, integrity, and dedication they truly had. Months of consistent negative messaging on social media, online bullying, harassment, attacks, and spreading misinformation caused nothing but division in this community.

It also shed light on BUSD Board Member Diane Ferrucci who, when news broke that her own daughter in law spearheaded this divisive & wasteful recall that would have COST HER STUDENTS OVER $300K, chose to remain silent and deny any support or involvement thru use of plausible deniability. This was nothing short of an absolute insult to Benicia voters, parents & students - as was her behavior during the BUSD board meeting where she defiantly ripped off her mask to the applause of attending anti-mask community members.

BENICIA VOTERS WILL NOT FORGET, Diane. And should you choose to run for re-election next year, we will do everything in our power to make sure you are replaced!

Thank you to everyone who supported our counter-campaign. Whether you hosted a yard sign, shared our posts, or thanked us at our informational events. THANK YOU to our teachers who were also targeted by the supporters of the recall campaign. We love and appreciate all the hard work you have done, and continue to do!