Recall 101: How Does it Work?

STEP ONE:  Notice of Intent (NOI)
  • Draft Notice of Intent (NOI) to Recall (see below)
  • Signatures of (10) proponents (see below)
  • File NOI with Solano County Elections Office (SCEO)
  • Serve NOI to Sheri Zada & Mark Maselli
  • Publish NOI in the Benicia Herald
  • Create Petition to Recall: Include copy of NOI & Zada/Maselli statements
  • Submit proof of publication & petition to SCEO 
📌 STEP TWO:  Petition to Recall
  • Deliver 4,087 signatures on each petition within 120 days  << THEY ARE HERE    
  • One petition per board member, each requires 4,087 signatures 
  • Signatures do NOT need to be collected within the board member's districts 
  • Upon submission, SCEO has 30 days to verify a sample of 500 signatures for certification
  • Once verified, SCEO certifies the petition results for election
📌 STEP THREE:  Special Election
  • The City of Benicia has 88 to125 days to call for an election
  • Once called, there will be a nomination period for candidates to file for election

The special election ballot will feature the following:

Shall Mark Maselli be recalled?   YES or NO
Shall Sheri Zada be recalled?       YES or NO
  • A majority vote is required to recall
  • The candidate(s) with the most votes will be elected
How are the costs calculated?
Standard Precinct Election: $15 per registered voter =  $306,555 
Mail-In Ballot Election: $10 per registered voter =  $204,370 
Total Registered Benicia Voters = 20,437 (per City Clerk, L.Wolfe)

BUSD Recall: Notices of Intent
Notice of Intent: Mark Maselli

Notice of Intent: Sheri Zada